Imports - Suspension of VAT

Here you would know the basics and essentials on the workings of VAT in Bahrain. This is a must read and educative knowledgebase for those new to applying VAT within an Organization.
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Imports - Suspension of VAT

Fri Oct 12, 2018 4:20 am

Under what conditions is import VAT suspended?
Import VAT will be suspended in the following cases:
The goods are under customs duty suspension arrangements in accordance with the GCC Common Customs Law
The goods enter the country under temporary arrangements
The goods are placed in a customs warehouse
The goods are in transit
The goods are intended to be re-exported by the same person who imported them The Tax Authority may require a cash deposit equal to the value of the import VAT before allowing the goods not to be treated as imports.

What if the conditions for import VAT suspension are subsequently broken?
If any conditions for import VAT suspension are subsequently broken, the goods will be treated as taxable imports and the VAT will become due on the date the goods were originally imported.

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