Here you would know the basics and essentials on the workings of VAT in Bahrain. This is a must read and educative knowledgebase for those new to applying VAT within an Organization.
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Will VAT be paid on exports?
Export of goods and services outside the GCC and international transportation are zero rated. They must be reported in tax returns, but no VAT will apply.

What documents are required to prove that my export is genuine?
In order to prove that you export is genuine, you need all of the following documents:

Export documents issued by the local Customs Department regarding goods leaving the state

Airway bill
Bill of landing
Consignment note
Certificate of shipment

The above documents should contain the following information:

The name of the supplier
The name of the consignor
A description of the goods
The value of the goods
The export destination
The mode of transport and route that the export will take

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